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Top 10 Billionaires that went broke

Due to their immense wealth and power, billionaires are frequently regarded as untouchable. However, history has demonstrated that financial failures can affect even the wealthiest individuals. We will discuss the top ten billionaires who went bankrupt in this article.

Eike Batista
Eike Batista a Brazalian Billlionaire

Eike Batista With a $30 billion net worth, Eike Batista was once Brazil's richest man. He amassed a substantial fortune in the oil and mining sectors. However, in 2013, his empire fell apart, and his companies failed to meet their debt obligations, prompting him to declare bankruptcy.

Bernard Arnault
Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault is the chief executive officer of LVMH, the largest luxury goods company in the world. But at the end of the 1990s, he put a lot of money into internet companies like and, both of which failed badly and cost him hundreds of millions of dollars.

Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson was a shipping and banking tycoon who was a billionaire in Iceland and former chairman and owner of West Ham United. Björgólfur declared his personal bankruptcy in 2009, owing $750m, $500m of which he owed to Landsbanki. This seems to have been the world's biggest recorded personal bankruptcy.

Vijay Mallya King of the Indian aviation industry, Vijay Mallya owned Kingfisher Airlines. Mallya was forced to flee the country in 2016 after defaulting on loans worth over $1 billion, and the airline struggled to make a profit.

Allen Stanford was a real estate and finance tycoon who amassed a fortune. However, he was accused of running a $7 billion Ponzi scheme in 2009, which caused his financial empire to fall apart.

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a socialite who was once married to billionaire art dealer Alec Wildenstein. However, after their divorce, she spent millions of dollars on plastic surgery and other lavish expenses, leading to financial ruin.

Sean Quinn was once the richest man in Ireland, owning a vast empire in construction and insurance. However, his business collapsed during the 2008 financial crisis, and he was declared bankrupt with debts of over $3 billion.

Ken Lay was the CEO of Enron, once one of the world's largest energy companies. However, in 2001, Enron was embroiled in a massive accounting scandal, which led to its collapse, and Lay was charged with fraud and conspiracy

Alberto Vilar was a philanthropist and investment manager who made his fortune in the tech industry. However, he was later convicted of fraud and sentenced to prison, causing him to lose his wealth and reputation.

Elizabeth Holmes was once the CEO of Theranos, a healthcare startup that promised to revolutionize blood testing. However, it was later revealed that the technology did not work as promised, and Holmes was charged with fraud, leading to the collapse of her company.


In conclusion, these billionaires may have had incredible wealth and power at one point, but they serve as a reminder that financial success is not always permanent. It is essential to be cautious and responsible with money, and to always be prepared for the possibility of setbacks and failures.

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