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Political Campaigns

4 Pillers of Political Campaign






First we start with the online Research on Digital Media like Facebook & WhatsApp groups, Content on Social Media, Comments on Relative posts and general emotion towards the Party

And general emotion towards Candidate.

Research on issues

  1. What people care about in the area?

  2. What issues might work?

  3. What issues to stay away from?

  4. What kind of communications might work?

  5. What kind of leader they want?

  6. Learning voter’s expectations ?


​After Research it’s Survey time.

With our exclusive online tools we will try to figure out what’s going on.

We perform 2 kinds of surveys

A. Online Survey
We create communication with people online, we prepare reports on
What might work, what might not. Digital tools help us create reports of
These surveys.

B. Offline Survey
We get in touch with people on the ground, Then we create a sample
Size ranging from 2000 to 10000.
Offline surveys are much more accurate than online surveys but are
not very cost effective.


After Research and Surveys we create and run campaigns which will be specifically designed for the Candidate.

Online Campaigns
We will run online campaigns on digital media after we have information
About what kind of social media platforms people are using and where we can
Reach them.

Offline Campaigns
We try to create dialog with people of the area, Communication with people
Is very important for any campaign, back and forth communication bring
Candidate and people more closer.

Monitor and Analyze

After every 2 weeks of campaign we see what’s working and what’s not.

Constant monitoring help create better campaigns in the future. Once we run our campaigns for 2 weeks we take a look at what we have done,
And how they have performed. Then we see what could have we done better.
we will create monitoring reports every 2 weeks, then we  will compare 
what we have achieved. 

Reports also help with data maintenance for future campaigns in similar areas.

Creative Benchers a contest based Marketing agency. We will help you with everything from Digital Marketing to Video Production.

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