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Marketing strategies of top & successful companies

Marketing Strategies of Top & Successful Companies , Coca - Cola , Colgate , Apple
Marketing Strategies of Top & Successful Companies

Do you want direct access to the marketing strategies of top companies?

In today’s market, if we want to be the best, we must know everything that can and will help our company grow.

So, in this article, we will discuss the top strategies used by the most successful companies.

We were able to conduct a study on these top companies and find quality information despite the strict environment.


Coca-Cola is among the most well-known and well-loved brands in the world. Coca-Cola is a multinational corporation that is the world’s largest manufacturer, licensor, and distributor of nonalcoholic beverages, with over 500 brands and a daily sales volume of 17 billion servings in over 200 countries.

The global behemoth is known for its marketing strategy of forming and sustaining its identity as a source of happiness and unity for people all over the world. People often associate their red and white logo with feeling good and a drink that keeps them refreshed.

So, how did Coca-Cola become so well-known?

The answer is simple: for over 130 years, they have maintained the same brand identity and product.

Even though the company has been operating for a long time, its logo has remained the same, and their marketing slogans and taglines have remained unchanged. They claim they sell happiness, not a soft drink.

Furthermore, Coca-Cola spends over $4.3 billion a year on marketing and advertising. The corporation has complete control over how it advertises it. The company, on the other hand, chooses consistency decade after decade, and that’s what has paid off for them in the long run.

So, if you desire long-term fame and popularity, you must first be consistent and then have to make your buyers believe in you.


Apple goes far beyond what other brands do; they concentrate on developing products for their core demographic and loyal customers who believe that the brand’s products make their lives better. So, what are the reasons Apple has maintained its reputation as a highly accomplished marketer for over a decade?

To find out, let’s take a look at the company’s marketing strategy.

Instead of bombarding its audience with technical details, Apple keeps its keynote simple with well-designed product images and large font. Apple is one of the world’s most valuable trillion-dollar brands.

What is the formula for its success? Its marketing approach. It has always positioned itself in the premium market and targets high-end customers with its products. Many brands are still perplexed as to how Apple maintains such a loyal following; the answer lies in its ingenious marketing strategies.

Apple’s marketing strategy is based on the belief that buyers do not always know what they want, as stated by CEO Steve Jobs. As a result, rather than performing market research to determine client needs and wants, the multinational technology company prefers to incorporate novel features and capabilities into its products, causing people to desire Apple products. Apple’s marketing strategy is simple yet effective in representing the brand.


Colgate has adopted a unique approach to selling its product, instead of simply forcing its products down everyone’s throats, opted to educate people about its benefits. This strategy has helped the brand become one of the world’s leading and most credible toothpaste brands.

Colgate’s marketing plan included the development of an Oral Care Center, which is chock-full of information and videos on oral hygiene and care. They also provide consumers with useful information on how to brush and floss properly, as well as how to avoid cavities and other oral problems. This plan may seem simple for a toothpaste company, and it can be used and make your company well-known.

As per the study, the majority of customers enjoy receiving free information and learning about topics that affect their lives or the lives of those they care about. However, rather than creating customer loyalty, you should focus on raising awareness if you want to run a successful business. If people are familiar with your product, you will gain credibility.


So, what can we learn from Starbucks’ marketing strategy that we can apply to our own?

The company has had such widespread success, that there’s a lot you can learn from it and apply to your branding, social media, and other marketing initiatives.

Consistency is key.

Customers become more aware of – and attached to — brands that keep their identities. From your logo to your social media “voice,” everything your business does may be adjusted to be part of your brand. Your ultimate objective with branding is to develop an identity that people recognise and that aligns with their worldview.

Interact and communicate.

They used Social media well to interact and communicate with clients and customers. From time to time they have conducted various marketing campaigns for branding and image building. They understand the importance of client reviews and make them feel personal when it’s about Starbucks.

As per recent studies, it is seen that Starbuck has strictly used social media & client credibility to build the behemoth.

Customers get rewards.

The idea is simple: individuals who know they’ll continue to buy from a particular brand will jump at the chance to have that brand “give back” to them. Customers will be more likely to make repeat purchases if you add a reward point loyalty programme to your online store, and you can even give away points as an incentive to sign up. Setting up a loyalty programme is one of the best actions you can do, according to sales figures from every retail industry.


Knowing the marketing strategies of the companies mentioned above, we can deduce that to run a company successfully being consistency is the key and helps build customer loyalty.

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