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Social Media Marketing is need of the hour. Creative Benchers can take care of your social media for you. We produce content, help you with your audience and engagement.

Starts from 15000/-


Social Media Management

Social Media is a great tool for every business or personality. Let Creative Benchers help you manage your social media for you. So what do we do?

Social Media Management by Creative Benchers
Social Media Management by Creative Benchers

1. Community Management We will manage your day to day tasks on Social Media. We will publish the content, we will handle its SEO, we will make sure you get good engagement, we will make sure your content is reaching the community. 2. Managing Ads Social Media is incomplete without its Ads. It's merely the reason why social media exists. We will manage and run your social media ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. No matter what your goal is be it sales, website visits, brand awareness or Views, we will take care of it. Our experienced team will make sure you get your money’s worth and you get maximum results on a controlled budget.  3. Engagement through Content.The Most important part of Social Media is content. If your content is good and engaging you don’t need to spend a single penny on Social Media. We have proven results on how content works and why you should focus more on the content.Content works everywhere so if your content is good then your ad will perform much much better.Creative Benchers is a Content based marketing agency. We focus more on the content, we will bring fresh ideas in your content, we will experiment with it, we will make sure that the content we create for you is unique and engaging.

4. Content Calendar

We will create a content calendar where we will decide the content type and post schedule. Content calendar will help stay ahead. Content will be decided a week before and we will keep it updating week by week.

5. Gamification These kinds of campaigns are very engaging and will help us with orders and awareness. We will organize a weekly contest like a trivia or quiz in which we will incentivise the winner. It will generate a network which will help with the organic reach of your brand. Gamification is a pretty good tool when it comes to audience/customer engagement. 

6. Audience/Customer Communication

Communicating with your customers and Audiences is very important. It builds trust in your brand and gives an edge on your competition. We will take care of that part too. Our team will handle your communication and will make sure that your audience gets the attention they need from you.

7. Content that works

We are a content production company after all. We will produce every piece of content you may need. We have the camera equipment, we have a graphics team & we have a VFX team. So don’t you worry about the content.

8. Analytics and Research

We will conduct research on the competitions and will keep track of hashtags and keywords they are using, what kind of campaigns they are running, how potential customers are reacting to a certain content and how we can avoid mistakes in cost and content.

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