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SEO & ORM go hand in hand. Your SEO might be good but ORM might be bad or vice versa. Let us help you with your SEO & ORM.

Starts from 10000/-


You’ve probably heard a hundred times that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital digital marketing tool. But do you really know how SEO works? Even if you know what this means, it's still a complicated process and multifaceted process.

SEO Graph
The SEO Graph by Creative Benchers

Keywords Long gone are the days when keywords were the only SEO technique that mattered, but that doesn’t mean they aren't still crucial. The difference is that today, keywords must be well-researched, carefully chosen, and judiciously used in your content in order to be effective. But what are keywords, exactly? Keywords are words and phrases that prospects use to find online content, and that brands can then use to connect with prospects who are looking for their products and services. Our Process is Simple, Select your keywords which you want to target, intergrate them in your content and keep doing that till we reach our goal. Local SEO

Local SEO is becoming more and more important these days. Number of Mobile devices are increasing, one might say they are at their peak, So your business needs to stand out in local search on Google. Simple Example,Let's say you own a Fast Food joint, Local SEO will ensure that your Fast Food joint comes up on top when someone searches for Fast food in your area.As Simple as that. Creative Benchers will help you with your Local SEO.

Content Content is Vital part of SEO. It’s a vehicle that brings traffic on your website. Whatever it may be: Photos, Videos, Blogs, Posts, GIFs etc. Creative Benchers will help you with your content. We are proficient when it comes to content. So let us do our job and watch the magic happen.

Off-Page SEO Off-page SEO involves external optimization practices that happen away from your site rather than on it.

The main technique used for off-page SEO is backlink building since quality backlinks to your site from external sites tell search engines that your site is valuable and high-quality which helps to build authority.We will get you those backlinks, we will get you published on news sites. Our tech partners will make sure that our campaign is running smoothly and that we achieve our goal on time. 

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to paid marketing efforts, and it includes things like native ads, Google AdWords, social media ads, pay-per-click (PPC), Google shopping ads, display ads, and more.This is not an Important part but can be considered to jump start your campaign. 

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