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Creative Benchers for News & Coverage

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PR is important, if gives you coverage and notability to your brand. URLs help you with verifciation, URL's help you with Wikipedia, URLs help you with your SEO.

  • What is Media Coverage?

Whatever you do, or whatever your brand does, if it’s not getting enough coverage then you are behind your competition.Media Coverage gets your reference URLs, it gets your brand public exposure and it makes your brand notable. When you are in the online game you know how important reference URLs are. 


  • Is it important?

Well it kind of is, press coverage gets you reference URLs, and you need reference URLs for everything, Social Media verification, Wikipedia, Knowledge Panel.Most importantly you get backlinks to your website, and you know how important those are in SEO. People literally pay hundreds of dollars for backlinks and with media coverage you get those automatically. 


  • How can we help with your coverage?

Well we have direct contacts with 1000 plus media houses nationally and worldwide.

Once you clear your goal, we will create a custom package for you, Get you published across the country and if you want globally.


Create Benchers can also help you with your Social Media Verification, WikiPedia and Knowledge Panel. 

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