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Creative Benchers for Film Promotions

Starts from 100,000/-

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Film Promotion is important, especially today. Films are tanking these days, no matter what the subject. Punjabi film industry is down these days, people prefer not to go to the theateres and this need to change. Creative Bencher's customised plan will help you with your film promotion and help you reach millions of people in cost effective ways.

Film promotion nowadays is far more important than you think. Films are tanking these days at theaters, people are opting out of theaters. And it is not a good sign to be frank. Biggest blame goes to the content, there is so much bad content out there that good content just rolls with it. Actual good films nose dive because people have sour taste from the bad ones. Let Creative Benchers consult you with your film promotion and let us help you utilize your promotion budget smartly to get maximum results.


Digital Media Ads YT Ads and Google Ads Network. Our experienced team will make sure your budget is utilized smartly. We will run gamification ads to get your film more footfall. YT ads work well when promoting movie trailers, Google Ad network works well with promotion of film posters.

Meta Ads Meta Ad Campaign will help you reach millions of people, we will promote your trailer, poster, motion posters everything on this platform.Facebook and Instagram have over 600 million accounts in India. We will run multiple campaigns and make sure your film gets that visibility.

We will also run some gamification ads, where if the audience guesses the question right they will get the movie tickets for free.These kind of campaigns are great for user engagement.


Flexs, hoardings & Physical Advertising Flex and Hoardings If you are looking for Hoarding and flex ads, we have that option as well.This kind of advertising works great geographically. It sure is expensive,  but it can be included in Campaign.We have vendors all across Punjab.

Bus Ads We can run Bus banner Ads. Creative Benchers have around 10 vendors across Punjab to run bus banner Ads. Bus Ads work great because buses travel across the state and if film posters can reach places where no other medium can.


New Age Apps In-App promotions Creative Benchers is partnered with Sharechat, Moj, Josh, and Chingari.We work directly with these apps.These apps have a wide user base and we can run customized film promotion campaigns. We can get ad reach in millions, ask them to start trends.App team members will work directly with us, so no goal is too far. Influencer Campaigns These apps have thousands of Influencers, We can approach them directly and ask them to share our film promotion content. We can run week-long campaigns, where these influencers will share our movie posters, trailers and promotional content to their millions of followers. This kind of approach can get you traction like no other. 


Influencer Marketing YT Influencers 

We have direct contact with 200+ Punjabi influencers across India, Canada, Australia and the UK. These Influencers have millions of subscribers and their joint reach is in millions. We can get these influencers to promote our film, create a specific video for us and simply interview our starcast.

Meta Influencers 

We are in touch with 250+ social media influencers from Facebook and Instagram. Some of them are verified with millions of followers. Their reach is far more than any other way of advertising. We will run story campaigns, reels campaigns or post challenges. 

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