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Case study 

Punjab is a state in the Northwest region of India and is one of the most prosperous states.

Punjab covers an area of 50,362 square kilometres consisting of 23 districts and a total of 168 statutory towns and 69 census towns. According to the 2011 Census of India, the total population of Punjab is 2,77,43,338. 

We decided to study Punjab in greater depth to record the smallest issues and concerns. In this case study, we will provide you with the tiniest details of every region of Punjab.

The Challenge 

Punjab has made considerable progress in various sectors but still, some areas are shady when talking about the overall development. During the survey conducted by us, we have noticed a few major challenges which are faced by the common public in different regions of Punjab. 

Punjab is struggling with a socio-economic-cultural meltdown. Let's take a deeper look at the concerns that locals have reaffirmed, rapid urbanisation has created chaos more than betterment. Blocked sewerage, no proper pipelines for waste flow, bad roads, and bad management systems.

Furthermore, bigger concerns like farmers issues, poor public health services, poor education system, unstable Govt. and many more are in the line. Everything is listed in the list which you can scroll anytime for details of any region of Punjab. 

The Solution

Knowing the problems is not enough, we have to come up with valid solutions. And we made sure that with every problem you get the solution. 

Punjab is a large state with people of various castes and religions living peacefully together. As a result, you can't treat each section in the same way. Punjab Stats will provide you with accurate information and solutions for every aspect of society. Moreover here, you will get the details of the current MLA, his details which are needed to win an election. Further, adding more information to the list like local inhabitants problems faced on daily bases and the reasons of dissatisfaction from the current government. 

The list is distributed in different sections, starting from the lowest i.e. booth level, where you will get basic details of that region following with the problems faced by the locals and next with all other details needed to understand that region or booth. 

The Result 

Winning Punjab is always a top priority of Politicians. 

With the help of Punjabstats you will get details of every region of Punjab which will lead to understanding Punjab culture better. Moreover, with these problems people will be addressed at one spot which will help individuals to recognize the concerns and solve the issues.

Punjab state covers information from booth level and even includes everything you need to know about Punjab and its people. 

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