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“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.”

The Challenge

The client had no idea what to do when they approached us. They had about a hundred products ready to ship, but with no branding or marketing. Products were divided into seven categories: dry fruits, seasonal snacks, Snacks, Masalas, cookies, sweets, and seasonal culinary products. They were selling products in clear plastic bags without logo or branding. Initially, there was nothing from which we could get an idea, because the Indian market now has a plethora of food products which are launched frequently. As a result, we have to be unique in terms of design and branding in order to achieve greater resonance.

The first problem that arose was deciding a name for the brand, which was difficult because food connoisseurs love authenticity. But I believe, things like name and design are totally subjective; you may like it but the customer does not, or vice versa.

After 15 days of back and forth, we decided on a name “Major Saab Foods”.

Next challenge was designing and it had to be done on time and on budget. Designing, packaging and marketing plans for 100 items is no fun; each design takes effort, and satisfying client needs is sometimes difficult. 

The Third Challenge was identifying the appropriate buyers in the appropriate market. People prefer buying spices and sweets in stores which increase the stress level as marketing strategies are completely different when it comes to offline stores. As a result, locating the best market was a challenge for the online or offline market. 

The Solution

Clients wanted to try something new, and they have their own history. They had been in business for about 50 years.

They desired a moniker that was both patriotic and trustworthy. We came up with a few names after some research, however most of them were quite common, some didn't have domain names, and some didn't have social network usernames.

We have successfully completed the first challenge with the name Major Saab Food. The domain name and social media usernames were also accessible, which was fortunate for us.

The solution to the second problem was as simple as creating and implementing a proper customer feedback system. We started with five goods at a time to get a sense of the client's needs. After that, things progressed quite smoothly with minor hiccups. Designs get approvals, people's credibility starts to increase. 

The third and last difficulty was the hardest to conquer: finding the suitable market to sell the product. Initially, we spoke with customers directly to determine why they choose to buy certain things online and others offline. Young people buy snacks, cookies, and seasonal munchies, according to our findings. This is why these items are so popular on the internet. Masalas, sweets, and dry fruits are typically purchased by housewives or elders, which is why these items are primarily purchased offline at stores and shops.

For us, with right placement of online ads and some affiliation with local stores in the tri-city area worked pretty well. Online stores like Big Basket and Grofers also helped to raise the sales. Again, it was about figuring out what would work and what would not.

The Result

Finally, things are going well in terms of sales right now, but they could be better. We think that one should never stop learning, which is why we continue to experiment. The client now wishes to expand his business to a national level. He wants orders from all over the country before venturing into the international market.

Business expansion will create limitless challenges but will enable us to grow even more. We are prepared and committed to the success of this brand. Because the customer has given full creative and sales management to us, now the success of this brand is our success.

Going national and international will demand a significant amount of preparation and strategy on our part, as well as having to strengthen ourselves for logistical challenges for the business.

And we intend to take it head-on.

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