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5 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Helps You Grow Your Business

LinkedIn Marketing Ideas to help you grow your business.
Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn is the best way of making brand value and marketing your company. It helps you to grow your business and make a good connections. These marketing tips will allow you better use the social media platform.

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn is a valuable marketing tool. It allows users to create and customize profiles and connect with people having similar interest areas. It has 300+ million users across the world. It is available in 20 languages. It is the largest social networking platform, assisting people with job opportunities. Jobseekers can connect with and follow hiring managers, as well as update their profiles in a specific way to be easily discovered.

To market through LinkedIn, you need to do the following −

1 Build a robust business page that displays your products and services in a compelling format.

2 Invite clients and vendors to follow and recommend your page.

3 Launch a group that is related to your business. It can attract significant traffic.

4 Reach your audience through targeted advertising.

LinkedIn marketing tips to grow your business.

Michael Riley
Michael Riley

Business News Daily got in touch with business leaders and expert marketers to find out the best way to use Linkedin marketing to grow your business.

1) Find highly targeted customers and connections

The targeting on Linkedin is unparalleled in the realm of digital advertising. Small businesses can zero in on the exact industry, company size, and job role that they know typically would buy their product or service.

2) Grow your email marketing list

I highly recommend everyone on LinkedIn write a crafted letter [to each connection], saying thank you for being connected on LinkedIn, and that you invite them to be part of your email marketing list. LinkedIn lets you message 50 people at a time this way. Include in your email a direct link for the email signup. You must have reciprocity in the message. Tell them what they will receive by signing up for the email list, and offer to look at something of theirs, which is a fairly noncommittal method to garner goodwill.

3) Post high-quality content

“Good content can be highly targeted and should accomplish two goals. First, it should teach others how to solve a problem or how to do their job better, and it then establishes you as a thought leader in that space. Each aspect naturally leads to more business if you offer them real value. It’s basic psychology, and it gets real results.” – Michael Riley, co-founder of Boxter.

4) Make your company page matter

“It’s also important to have an updated and consistent presence for your brand with its company profile page. Imagery, colors, and content on this page should be consistent with your website and any other social media profiles the business has. The page should be updated regularly so the brand is active and appears to be a current business. We’ve all had the experience of stumbling upon a company social media profile that’s updated once a month or, worse, hasn’t been updated in months. Creating a LinkedIn presence then not maintaining it will be worse than not having one at all.” – Carrie Booher, digital content editor at WWOZ 90.7 FM

5) Avoid hard sells.

“Treat LinkedIn like any other form of marketing that you do and get clued up on the latest trends. People don’t want to be interrupted, so try your best to be ‘discovered’ on LinkedIn. Read up on content marketing and inbound marketing, and apply these strategies to this network. There are plenty of people acting like hard-sell 1980s sales reps on LinkedIn, so be wise and don’t become one of them.” – Nikki Hammett, global marketing manager at Nash Tech Ltd.

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